Concept smoke screen


What is security smoke?

Security smoke system is a technical security solution, that prevents intruders from stealing your assets. As the name suggests, security smoke system produces thick wall of smoke when alarm is triggered, which fills protected space in a matter of seconds. Most often the fear of seeing thick fog rising is enough to deter any intruder, but even the most brave will not find their way to your assets when they are trapped inside white smoke.
Is security smoke dangerous?
No, security smoke is not dangerous. The fog is made out of water, glycerin and glycol. The glycerine and glycol used in security smoke are food-grade and are present in everyday products such as toothpaste, pharmaceuticals and even chewing gum. If installed correctly, security smoke will also not damage any of your assets, as it does not stick to surfaces.
Do the smoke fill the whole space?
This depends on the volume of the space and the model of the device that you installed. The bigger the device, the more smoke it generates and thus fills larger spaces. For large spaces, with more than 1500m3 in volume, we recommend using several security smoke generators. While we recommend that you fill the whole space with smoke, this is not necessary, as you can place security smoke generators in positions that will only protect your most valuable assets.
Do I need an alarm system to use security smoke system?
Yes, security smoke system works in combination with installed alarm system. When an alarm triggers, security smoke generators start bursting security smoke. Concept Smoke Screen security smoke systems are compatible with majority of alarm systems on market. If you currently do not have an alarm system installed, contact us and we will find the best solution for you.
What happens when security smoke triggers?
When security smoke system starts bursting smoke it means, that alarm has gone off. Upon triggering, security smoke generator provides initial burst of smoke – from 30 to 60 seconds (depends on the model), which ensures thick layer of smoke. In case you do not turn the smoke generator off, the device will trigger periodically, with up to 45 minutes, to ensure thick fog. In an unventilated space, the smoke will last for about an hour. Extremely small smoke particles ensure maximal smoke durability, as they only move 0,9mm per hour in an unventilated space. After each triggering of security smoke system let us know, so we can come and refill emptied smoke fluid.
Where can we install security smoke system?
We recommend installing security smoke system in a position that is directly facing your most valuable assets. Security smoke system can operate at virtually any angle, but we recommend that it is installed on the ceiling, which enables burst of smoke to hit the ground and disperse smoke fast and efficient. Our employees will gladly consult you on installation possibilities in your company.
Does the security smoke system need yearly maintainance?
Yes. Simmilar to every technical installation, security smoke system requires regular yearly maintinance. Our team of expert technicians will let you know, when your smoke generators are due for maintinance and will then inspect the device, perform a test, change the smoke fluid and ensure that everything works perfectly.


The smoke safety system in Slovenia is already trusted by more than 200 companies, which have their assets protected with the most advanced security technology in 2020!