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Detailed description

S3B sound barrier combined with security smoke is synonym for chaos. S3B activates together with security smoke and creates a sound barrier, which will most definetly shock every uninvited guest. With impressive 127dB of noise, S3B creates an unbearable sound, which drives away even the most persistent intruders. S3B is simple and unintrusive in design and can easily be mounted on every wall or ceiling. The device enables simple integration in existing security system or integration in existing security smoke system.

We recommend using S3B in combination with Concept Smoke Screen security systems. S3B can be used in every space, but for big spaces we recommend using several devices, which are creating noise from different directions. For maximum effect we recommend combinating S3B with Xenon Flash strobe light.

  • Simple 0 – 12V trigger
  • 12Vdc
  • Internal boost battery back-up pack
  • Dip switch programming
  • Simple integration with other Smoke Screen or any existing alarm systems

The smoke safety system in Slovenia is already trusted by more than 200 companies, which have their assets protected with the most advanced security technology in 2020!