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Sentinel S70

Sentinel S70

Detailed description

Sentinel S70 smoke generator is one of the most popular devices in Sentinel family. Even though it is bigger than S35 and S55, S70 is ergonomic and compact by design. New PBC technology and multiple bracktes makes it easy to install under virtually any angle. The device is also very versatile, as it enables different fluid bladder sizes – between 1000ml and 5000ml. In combination with additional nozzles, S70 provides topmost safety of your assets. Sentinel S70 security smoke system is also equiped with LCD status display.

We recommend using Sentinel S70 in middle sized and large business or residential
spaces such as gas stations, retail stores, warehouses, larger office spaces and other
spaces which do not exceed 800m3 in volume.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Powerful anti-raid burst (Turbo Mode) and multi-nozzle options
  • Supports automatic re-firing via screen-sensor technology
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Persistent fog production – small particle size means the smoke will last up to 40 minutes unventilated
  • Battery back-up for off-mains operation (min. 1 hour)
  • LCD status display and on-board event log
  • Simple integration into existing alarm systems

The smoke safety system in Slovenia is already trusted by more than 200 companies, which have their assets protected with the most advanced security technology in 2020!