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Titanium T100

Titanium TI100

Detailed description

Security smoke system Titanium TI100 is part of the most advanced series of security smoke generators and is also the most powerfull security smoke generator that we offer. Using SNMPv3 IP protocol, TI100 enables connection with Titanium series devices and other security devices using IP protocol. Sentinel Connect platform also enables managing the device from home. “Iris Mode” enables the device to serve as a switch for informaton that come from alarm central. TI100 can serve as a main device, which, along with bursting
security smoke itself, also controls the worrking of other security smoke devices. Regardelss of all its smart functions, TI100 is an amazing security smoke generator, which in combination with additional nozzles and PID heater control provides for maximum protection of your assets. “SmartSmoke Mode” enables using TI70 as a single unit, where TI100 analyzes environment and makes security decisions by itself.

We recommend using Titanium TI100 for everyone with already established security system based on IP protocol, or for those who are considering establishing IP based security system. TI100 is most effective in medium or large sized business or residental spaces like gas stations, stores, warehouses, larger office spaces and other large spaces that do not exceed 1750m3 in volume.

  • 5 year warranty
  • RS485 for Smoke Screen chaining
  • 6 fully programmable inputs or 6 fog logic inputs (Iris Mode)
  • 7 fully programmable outputs or 7 technical fault zones (SmartSmoke Mode)
  • Intelligent fluid monitoring
  • Minimum 90 minutes off-mains power at full performance
  • Remotely downloadable log buffer for up to 1,000 events
  • LCD status display and on-board event log
  • PID heat controller

The smoke safety system in Slovenia is already trusted by more than 200 companies, which have their assets protected with the most advanced security technology in 2020!