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Xenon flash

Xenon flash

Detailed description

As a partner of security smoke, Xenon Flash presents aditional shock for every intruder. Xenon Flash is a stroboscopic light which, with its up to 1500W power, assures for complete disarray between intruders. Xenon Flash enables instalation on the wall or the ceiling and can be integrated into existing security smoke system. Xenon Flash activates together with security smoke system and the combination of two cause mayhem between the intruders, as strong and pulsating light only allows staring at the ground. Xenon Light enables simple
instalation and integration into existing security system. Device is known for its simple and unintrusive design.

We recommend using Xenon Flash in combination with Concept Smoke Screen security systems. Xenon Flash can be used in every space, but for big spaces we recommend using several devices, which are pulsating from different directions. For maximum effect we recommend combinating Xenon Light with S3B sound barrier.

  • 750 – 1500W power
  • Dip switch programming
  • 120 or 240V mains powered
  • Simple integration with other Smoke Screen or any existing alarm systems

The smoke safety system in Slovenia is already trusted by more than 200 companies, which have their assets protected with the most advanced security technology in 2020!